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Maintaining good posture will help prevent aches and pains. Make sure your computer workstation and driving position are set up correctly for your height, and change positions regularly.

Your chiropractor will be able to give you advice about carrying out tasks that are repetitive or strenuous.

Activities such as yoga and pilates (exercises that strengthen your core abdominal muscles) will help you to relax, become more aware of your body and improve your posture.

To avoid back pain, you must reduce excess stresses and strains on your back and ensure that your back is strong and supple.

How you sit, stand and lie down can have an important effect on your back. Your Chiropractor will be able to help you maintain a good posture.

The lumbar spine of the human is made up of five lumbar vertebrae that are separated by five intervertebral discs. The discs may be thought of as spinal shock absorbers, for they absorb the load (axial load) of the body. They also allow for movements such as flexion, extension, and rotation at the waist as they act as a pivot point for the trunk to twist upon.

There are 23 discs in the human spine: 6 in the neck (cervical region), 12 in the middle back (thoracic region), and 5 in the lower back (lumbar region).